VPN Gateway

Worldwide List

Warning: Use of this network is restricted to authorized users only. All access attempts and activities on this network are subject to being monitored, logged and audited. The network operator reserves the right to consent to valid law enforcement requests to search the network and to institute legal or disciplinary action against any misuse of the network.
Requires CISCO Anyconnect software – installed from here

For enrolling to Duo or reactivating Duo on enrolled device click - Self Service Portal

Please connect via a gateway from the list below:
EU: Gateways
London DC5 (UK) - ngvpn10.nvidia.com
Berlin (DE) - ngvpn13.nvidia.com
Wurselen (DE) - ngvpn15.nvidia.com
Moscow (RU) - ngvpn16.nvidia.com
Helsinki (FI) - ngvpn19.nvidia.com
IN&ASIA: Gateways
Bangalore DC4 (IN) - ngvpn20.nvidia.com
Pune (IN) - ngvpn21.nvidia.com
Hong Kong DC3 (CN) - ngvpn30.nvidia.com
Beijing (CN) - ngvpn31.nvidia.com
Shanghai(CN) - ngvpn32.nvidia.com
Shenzhen(CN) - ngvpn33.nvidia.com
Taipei(TW) - ngvpn34.nvidia.com
Hsinchu(TW) - ngvpn35.nvidia.com
Seoul (KR) - ngvpn36.nvidia.com
Tokyo (JP) - ngvpn37.nvidia.com
US: Gateways
Santa Clara (US) – ngvpn01.nvidia.com
Austin TX (US) – ngvpn03.nvidia.com
Durham NC (US) – ngvpn04.nvidia.com
Westford MA (US) - ngvpn05.nvidia.com
Redmond WA (US) - ngvpn06.nvidia.com
For technical support, please contact NVIDIA IT Help-Desk.